Sunday, July 30, 2006


CANDID ARTS Centre,3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ
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HYPERLANGAUGE - PRESS RELEASE Man/Machine Osmosis – it is now generally considered that human intelligence is being transformed into a “cognitive ecology” consisting of minds fused with networks, computer terminals, telephone systems, and other methods of high speed communication. We live in a world where old structures of representation and knowledge are fading away, and are being replaced by new, yet still barely formed theories of knowledge, imagination and social construct. We live and survive now not in one place, but in hundreds of places, physically separate, yet intimately connected. We inhabit not only this or that small physical territory, but also the immense, undefined realms borne of virtual technologies.

Alongside this transition comes the inevitable evolution of language – a Hyperlanguage used by the man/machine super-organism. Out of the internet comes a “swarm being”, a distributed being replicating itself across the networks, it is irredeemably social, and unashamedly comprised of many minds. It conveys the logic of both Computer and Nature, which in turn conveys a language beyond our understanding. Hidden in these high speed networks is the mystery of the invisible hand – control without authority.

Si_COMM , S.E.T.I & N-Spaces address the issues of how this language will come about – fundamentally – what will it sound like? How will it arrive? How will it evolve?

Sporadically over the last two years, these experimental artists have individually researched processes to facilitate the birthing of a hypothetical Hyperlanguage, based upon current digital technology. In a darkened room – a laboratory of sorts - the artists sit opposite each other, transfixed at their terminals, linked only by light and sound – creating and fusing raw digital information, each feeding from the other, not knowing what language will emerge, yet somehow still communicating by sound and gesture. This is a profoundly altered and unpredictable state, where neither origin, finish line, nor boundary exists. This world which we used to see as linearly, evolutionarily, and organically defined, we now conceive of as being made from collisions, and overlapping. Human language here is not seen as disappearing, but is merely being reconfigured to usher us into a new era of decentralised existence, a composite of man/machine intelligence



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