Saturday, August 05, 2006

From a review of the TRACE installations 2002

Si_COMM examines in order to experience. The results are often exhibited as sound works, which he calls 'presentations', or participated in by others as a kind of performance, which he calls 'events', but that is more or less incidental. He anatomizes experience, but not so much in the way of the scientist or the philosopher or even the metaphysician (who examine in order to understand or to systematize) as in the way of the mystic; to contemplate and perhaps identify with it. Mysticism is such an abused and misunderstood attitude to life that one hesitates to use the word. But it is the only serious word that adequately covers the aim and the activity. The aim is not to merely to 'create' something, to communicate, to demonstrate, to define or to discover. It is also to isolate for examination. Si_COMM's activities touch many areas where the principles involved - aesthetic or philosophical - are familiar enough; notably those concerned with random processes, recordings, digital events,recordings, environments. What is much less familiar is the way every activity becomes part of a cumulative mental, or one might say spiritual, dossier about human experience as such. It is a gradual amassing of evidence about what it involves to be a sentient being, evidence which is selective only to the extent that it is impossible to examine everything, at least all at once .
The aim, in practical terms, is vast, quixotic and unrealizable, but it is the only meaningful justification of the activity....


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