Sunday, August 20, 2006

LEVEL - Shalan relelased

Polymorphic, the groundbreaking net label , has agreed to release my LEVEL album, "Shalan".

This collection of recordings consists of initial experiments that I conducted whilst trying to determine a coherent direction for the Level project early in 2004. At the time, I was concerned with producing something that was inherently digital, but that would illicit a strong emotional response from the listener; in direct opposition to the many critics of digital media who claim that it is "sterile" or "cold". The source material in most of my Level work comes from piano samples donated by friends, combined with a lot of processing, and manipulation, and usually involves sounds being dragged through several evolutions before I'm happy with the finished result. Shalan encapsulates a lot of the more recent Level methodology, and some of the recordings were "out-takes" that never made it onto the Spekk album, "Cycla". This was not because the tracks were not good enough, rather that they did not fit the flow of recordings I was doing at that time. For this reason, Shalan consists of several fundamentally different approaches - all "successful" in their own way, and all somehow fitting the remit that I had set myself for the project. Some fo the pieces were produced in the same batch of experiments that emerged as Cycla, and for that reason they have certain similarities.


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